“What is here is elsewhere, what is not here is nowhere.
(Moroccan Proverb)

What a journey to Morocco -- we embarked on a fast-paced tour including four major cities and many sites in old and new Morocco! From the Royal Palace to ancient ruins in Rabat; enjoying a breathtaking view overlooking the Medina of Fez el Bari, the largest living medieval city in the world consisting of an incredible maze of 9,400 twisting alleys, blind turns and souks crammed with shops, restaurants, workshops, mosques, tanneries -- a riot of sights, sounds, smells and snake charmers! We bought rugs, leather coats, leather jackets, luggage, jewelry, and much, much more!

On to Marrakesh where we were enticed by another huge Medina, camel rides and enjoyed being transported by a horse-drawn carriage to a spectacular Medina restaurant for a four-course dinner!

Our final stop in Casablanca treated us to the second largest mosque in the world on the beautiful Corniche seaside and to Rick's Cafe, where the film Casablanca was made.

A good time was had by all!

~ Toni

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