Hi Toni,


Welcome to your website.

This is the beginning stages of a phenomenal site that we will grow together like a tree in the ground.

First things first.

This will be the landing page until we have all the items in place that we need to have your website up and fully functional.  If I ever have information to pass on to you, or if you need to know where we are in the process, you can easily consult this page.

Step1.  Choose your theme.

Based on the conversations that we have had I have selected a few themes for you to choose from.  At this point, the focus should be on the functionality and overall appearance of the site and not necessarily the particular colors.  Once we have a foundation, we can start building.

If you do not like either of these themes please let me know and I will go back the drawing board and select a few more.  If you already have a theme picked out which you had before we spoke, please let me know so that I can get ahold of it.

1.  Relax and Travel
2. The Journey
3. Blues Traveler
4. Get your boots on

When you have made a selection, please write or text the theme name and I will get started on it.

Step2.  Logo

You and I are currently working on the logo.  Keep in mind while you are creating your logo that it is a good idea to link the colors of your logo to the theme of your website.  Additionally, you will also keep that in mind when you are branding any other items: pens, t-shirts, any marketing items.  As we refine the logo, we can also refine the colors on the website.

Step 3.  Contact Information

I'll need the contact information that you would want to appear on the contact page.  At some point this week I will also help link your gmail account to your website email address.

  1. the name of the email address you would like to use.....  Toni@lakearbortravel.com or info@lakearbortravel.com or any other email@lakearbortravel.com
  2. the telephone number and mailing address for the site

Step4.  Content

As I continue to build the site, I will begin asking for content to publish to the site.  At this point, we are not worried about that; however, I want you to keep it in mind.

Examples of content: Tour information, Articles, Photos, Videos, links to additional websites that you are interested in promoting or interested in sending your clients to for additional information.

Step5. Paypal

Although we are not going to have a shopping cart set up on your website right away, it is a good idea to go ahead and get paypal in order so that when the time comes, we can get started asap.  If we never use Paypal for your website, at least you will have an opportunity to learn about it and discover if it is a product that you would like to use in your personal life.


This is a good start.  Please do not hesitate to call or send an email if you have any questions.

Life is good and I look forward to working with you.


Super M@uryo